Free On Demand Blueprint & Training

Discover How Health Practice Owners Are Generating 20-30 New Patients on Autopilot Every Month! (and how you can too!)

Built From 3 Key Phases

The Simple 9-Step Blueprint that Generates 20-30 New Patients on Autopilot, without Cheesy Marketing Tactics, Spending More on Advertising or Discounting


Define your perfect patient, master your messaging, become preeminent


Attract and convert more of your perfect patients & over deliver on value


Rapidly scale your marketing campaigns with proven strategies

A Simple Clear Path to Results

The New Patient Surge is a simple to follow proven framework that works for virtually any health practice.

Unlike most courses, training and coaching programs that only have one or two “pieces of the puzzle” – oftentimes leaving you more

confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than when you started (not to mention out a few hundred or thousand bucks) – The New Patient Surge is the entire puzzle itself with clear step-by-step instructions of how to put the pieces together in the right order.

All you have to do is follow the framework and the right steps in the right order. And we’ll be right along side you every step of the way!

Cash Surge Report

5 Simple Steps to Unlocking $1000s in Your Health Practice …Without Spending More on Advertising or Discounting your Services!

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New Patient Surge™

The Simple 9-Step Blueprint that Generates 20-30 New Patients on Autopilot, without Cheesy Marketing Tactics, Wasting Money on Advertising or Discounting

Preeminent Practice Mastery™

A high performance coaching group for growing your health practice faster with the help of Brad Cote and other high level Preeminent Practice Mastery members.

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Client Success

John Created A Leveraged Based Program To Reach More Patients And Increase His Income!

Colin More Than Doubled His Rate While Creating a Signature Program

Chelsea Gained a Clear Focus & Path with Results in The First Weeks

1 Simple Campaign that Helped Andrew Generate $16k Sales in 48 Hours without Ad Spend