Lead the Herd

Lead the Herd

One of the easiest and quickest ways to generate cash quickly is to reach out to past patients who’ve used your services before but stopped.

Often patients stop their treatments because life got in the way, they got busy, or they simply forgot and since fallen out of their routine.

The advantage of contacting past patients is simple, they already have invested in your services and know like and trust you. An easy way to reconnect with these patients is to identify who in the past 6 weeks hasn’t been in for their regular appointments and/or who is behind on their plan of care.

Make a list of the above patients and track if they provided a reason or if anyone has reached out recently. Have your staff or if it’s just you, yourself schedule an hour to give each one of those patients a “check-in” call to see how they are doing and get them scheduled back in.

Similar to the above reaching out to past prospects and those who have inquired about your services in the past is an excellent idea.

We know that approximately 5% of prospects are ready to purchase and commit right away and the rest purchasing between 1-90 days (45%) 90+ days (50%).

Since we know this to be true, it makes sense for us to nurture the relationship of the prospect and follow up with them to ensure when they are ready to commit we are here for them.

One super successful strategy that we use consistently to generate 8-10 new patients per month is called “9-word email”.

The concept is simple and can be used not only with email but phone, text and even direct mail.

See Below

Header – “Hey”

Body – “Are you still interested in overcoming low back pain?”

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