If you haven’t already started to think about how you’re going to evolve your business moving forward, now is the time to start.

There is a ton of talk about virtual delivery of services and the reality is while pivoting online is an excellent way to provide value and net income, it may not be a long term solution for many of us.

The marketplace will become more and more saturated with band-aid solutions and the quality and deliverability will decrease over time, owning a clinic/gym combo I’ve seen this with online personal training.

So what can we do?

Thinking on a deeper foundational level is a great way to start the process.

Firstly, I tend to start thinking about the main problem that I solve and the outcome I can help with achieving. 

From there, Is there a way for me to do a better job than I am right now?

Can I simplify the process of their desired outcomes?

Can I decrease their perceived risk in the transaction?

Can I make their accountability simpler?

Can I reduce the ‘friction’ in the buying process?

Can I make it easier for them to obtain the desired outcome?

For example, using technology and apps to execute your service sounds great but if it doesn’t help with the above I am only providing more friction and making it more difficult for the patients to get results.

I’m hoping you’ll take me up on my recommendation to think about how you want your business to evolve and exactly what you want to help your patients to achieve.

Not just your service but the why behind why you’re doing it.

I can almost guarantee you will come up with ways to better deliver your services and get better outcomes for your patients. 

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on what you come up with.

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Brad Cote

Brad Cote is dual licenced health practitioner and successful clinic owner from Canada (where healthcare is free). He is the founder of Link Performance Therapy a successful cash-pay private practice with a focus on athletes. He has grown his clinic from zero to 7-figures revenue within 18 months of operation using a combination of proven structures, systems and strategies that he now shares with healthcare business owners across North America who are looking to gain new patients and grow their business.