Do the Work

Do the Work

Be honest with yourself.

Are you taking the necessary actions required to get where you want to be in business and life?

I speak with so many healthcare practitioners every week who have big goals, are constantly learning, reading books, asking for help in Facebook groups, and taking courses. But when it comes to actually implement their knowledge they stall out.

I get it, I love to learn, take courses, attend conferences (when we could travel). That stuff is fun and exciting but where the challenge comes is implementation.

Taking that knowledge and being able to extract the key components to make it work for you in your business can be overly stressful and frustrating. Often what we learn isn’t contextual for our specific business or stage.

Knowledge of the sake of hoarding is useless. Great growth comes from the implementation of knowledge and fine-tuning it for your business.

Take Action to Get Results

Everyday practitioners are requesting one of my free trainings. They are excited to learn, and get results!

But when I follow up often, they failed to implement.

I often hear excuses such as “I’m just too busy” – Ironically these are the same people I see engaging in mindless banter or arguing with other political views.

On the other hand, I have practitioners that do take action, implement the strategies, and get results like DeAndre Courtney who ran a reactivation strategy and rebooked 3 plans of care, or Roni Bell who set up a Joint Venture to gain new clients.

The moral here is to take one action step today that will move you forward towards your goals and take accountability. If you downloaded a rebooking strategy do it don’t let it collect dust in your hard drive!

Action = Results.

Focus on Progression Not Perfection

Once you’ve taken action know that you’ve already moved one step closer to achieving your goals. One step more than 90% of other people so keep the momentum going.

Keep the progression simple and refine as you go.

Need more rebookings? – Send a SPEARs

Need more new patients? – Start marketing

Need to hire a new practitioner? – Start networking

The point is taking action will force you to find solutions and while the beginning stages may be disjointed you will pick up the pace like everything else in your life.

Remember riding a bicycle for the first time?

Where business owners fail is focusing on perfection instead of progression. They get caught up in waiting for the “perfect time to start” which we both know never comes and the next thing they know they are stuck in the same spot often for years.

Sounds like some of our patients…

Part of success is not getting caught up in everything being perfect.

The reality is perfect doesn’t exist and it just constructs of our imaginations (unless we are talking about Meadow my pug below)

Taking consistent actions every day will catapult you farther forward than you can imagine.

You will make mistakes and the more you make the better because you are learning faster.

Jay Abraham says, “You either win or you learn.

So my advice to you, if you want to hit your goals is to commit yourself to take action and be consistent.

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Brad Cote

Brad Cote is dual licenced health practitioner and successful clinic owner from Canada (where healthcare is free). He is the founder of Link Performance Therapy a successful cash-pay private practice with a focus on athletes. He has grown his clinic from zero to 7-figures revenue within 18 months of operation using a combination of proven structures, systems and strategies that he now shares with healthcare business owners across North America who are looking to gain new patients and grow their business.