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50 Minutes to a Better Practice

50 Minutes to a Better Practice

In this week’s podcast, we go into depth about growing your health practice from maximizing marketing to stress-free hiring and mastering your mindset.

To be a successful health practice owner, you need to have the right systems, structure and strategies, during this 50-minute podcast we reveal some keys

1 – Creating systems in your business to help give you more time and better results with patients

2 – Identifying negatives and taking a different look to turn them into positives and grow your business

3 – How to use what works outside of your industry in your health practice to gain new patients

4 – The 3 questions you must know to attract new patients to your health practice

5 – How to hire stress-free and right the first time while creating a magnetic culture

6 – 2 Strategies for getting out of your own way and improving your mindset to create breakthroughs in your practice

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Brad Cote
[email protected]

Brad Cote is dual licenced health practitioner and successful clinic owner from Canada (where healthcare is free). He is the founder of Link Performance Therapy a successful cash-pay private practice with a focus on athletes. He has grown his clinic from zero to 7-figures revenue within 18 months of operation using a combination of proven structures, systems and strategies that he now shares with healthcare business owners across North America who are looking to gain new patients and grow their business.